Common Grounds


Last Sunday Brian and I decided to head out for breakfast to our favourite local café, Common Grounds. We love this place because it is close to home, and even though it is out in the burbs, it has a funky inner city feel. Plus the food and coffee never disappoint!


I don’t drink coffee very often, I love it but if I drink it after 12pm I will be awake all night, so I tend to save it for when we go out for breakfast. I ordered a soy latte (because according to my stomach cows milk is evil) and it was delicious, I have never had a bad coffee here. Brian is allergic to caffeine (which makes him very very sad) but decided he was willing to suffer the rash for a long black.


we sat outside on the patio, even though it was a cold morning they had the space heaters on and the fresh air was lovely. I also loved that they have a tub of blankets out in winter in case you want to put on over your lap while you enjoy your coffee.


I ordered the Breakfast Bruschetta, with avocado, pesto, cherry tomatoes, poached egg and Persian feta on sourdough toast. I also ordered a side of bacon, because …obviously! It was fantastic and exactly what I felt like.

Brian ordered the Eggs Benedict, with ham steak. I have had the eggs benedict here plenty of times and it is always fantastic. they are one of the few places that manage to pack plenty of flavor into the hollandaise without it being too vinegary.

All of that for under $40.00 and fantastic service … we will be back again and again!



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