Quick Fried Rice

Vanessa loves fried rice so around once a month I make up a big batch and put it into single serve containers for her to take to school for lunches. I have tried lots of different ingredients and methods but this one is the best version. It’s quick and easy and delicious.


The first thing you need to do is cook your rice, you can use whatever rice you want (except risotto rice, that would be a gloopy mess). you can use precooked rice if you want, the most important thing is that the rice is cold before you start, that is what gives you the loose individual grains instead of clumpy fried rice.

IMG_2195 This time I used carrot, corn, peas and bacon all diced up to a similar size. Sometimes I add onion, or spring onion just depending on what veggies I have that need using up.


Fry your veggies and bacon off in a little olive oil. You’re not really looking for colour with this, just for them to all soften.


Once your veggies have softened add your cold rice in and give it a good stir. Once it’s all combined I like to leave it for a few minutes without stirring it, that allows the bottom layer to form a few crispy bits. I stir once and leave it again a few times to get some texture on the rice.


I then add in salt and garlic powder, I don’t use specific measurements, I just add a bit and taste until I get to a  flavour I am happy with.


Next add two eggs right on top and stir them through. I used to cook and omelet first and them dice it up with mix through, but … I’m lazy, and this work actually works better because the egg coats the rice.


And that’s it … you’ve made fried rice. It will take you a few minutes and it freezes well too!

enjoy x




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