Wedding Wednesday Part 4.

Meet The Bridal Party … The Final Chapter


Lauren Kolstad – Bridesmaid

How long have you known the bride and how did you meet: I’ve known Daneos since 2007 when we met working at Jenny Craig. She walked in and completely ignored me … I charmed her by pulling my pants down in the storeroom later to fix some uncomfortable underwear. Later that day we were taking shameless selfies and I spat on her while laughing   – it totally sealed the deal and we’ve been besties ever since.

What are you looking forward to the most at the wedding: Everything. I am so happy for Willis. She means the world to me and to see her marry the man of her dreams will be the best. Plus I’m not too disappointed that there will be free drinks and I get to be looking all spiffy.

Do you have any advice for the bride: Compromise. Always. And by compromise I mean negotiate until your side of the bargain comes out on the winning side. As for the wedding day – Breathe. Relax. Dance

Do you have a funny story you would like to share: Hmm probs too many to tell, thought most of them include me embarrassing myself, rather than Dane (she has an uncanny knack of being cool calm and collected). Apart from the not spoken about night at the Roos Club. “Viat males me heppy” “we’re what Willis was talkin bout” and “Feel the love and the spit” that about sums our friendship up.

From the bride: Ok, so firstly .. I wasn’t actually ignoring Lauren when I first walked in, I was being shy and headed straight for the one person I knew! Secondly, I am realizing how lucky I am to have all these amazing females in my life, because yet again, there was no question if I would have Lauren in my bridal party. We have been super close for 10 (TEN … HOLY CRAP) years, I was her bridesmaid, Both our partners know we are a two for one deal “You marry the one, you get the other”, She wiped drool off my face and looked after me when I had my wisdom teeth out … There was NO question! Also I am loving that she thinks I am cool calm and collected given the amount of times she has witnessed me almost wet my pants from laughing so hard!


Cody Miller – Maid of Honour


How long have you known the bride and how did you meet: My whole life, we are cousins

What are you most looking forward to about the wedding: Seeing the beautiful bride and watching her marry the man of her dreams

Do you have any advice for the bride: Go on dates, ask for help, talk don’t yell ( I could do more of this haha)

Do you have a funny story you’d like to share: I have 10,000 I am however not allowed to tell you about any of them. I can say a few one liners and Dane will just know – Boots and utes, Pub with no beer, Origin night, Clare had a bit of an acco!

From the bride: Cody was an automatic choice for me for maid of honour, firstly I was hers a few years ago, but secondly and most importantly, because she is the other half of me, we are basically the same person. She is absolutely right, those one liners were all I needed to be laughing so hard I was crying. We didn’t always get along but for the last 14 years we have been inseparable and entertain each other like no one else can!

So there you have it guys, that my bridal party! I am incredibly lucky to have these amazing chicks (and my fiancé) around me on my wedding day and every other day as well!

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