Wedding Wednesday Part 3.

Meet the Bridal Party … continued


Brontey Miller – Flower Girl (3 years old)

Who is Brian: Bad Brian, I like bad Brian

Who is Dane: Dane’s my favourite

Are you excited for the wedding: Yes

What are you going to do at the wedding: Mummy’s going to come and baby sister’s going to come and Dane’s going to come

What will be the best bit: Dance, I’m going to dance with … what’s her name? (Dane)

From the Bride: Brontey is my favourite too. She is my niece (well technically I think she is my cousin once removed, but I am aunty Dane … and sometimes Nana). Again there was no question, I had to have my B in my wedding. She can be a little bit skeptical of Brian (Bad Brian … it makes me laugh every time) so it will be interesting to see if she will walk up the aisle when he is waiting at the other end.


Brian Farnhill – Groom

Age: 32

How long until you get married: Here’s a screenshot of the counter I keep on my phone to track it.


Tell us about your wedding plans: Let’s be honest, I’m not planning massive amounts of it, Dane is all over it and I help where I can!

What are you looking forward to most about your wedding day: Seeing Dane when she arrives for the ceremony.

Are you nervous: Nah, not even a little – I’m excited.

What do you love most about your bride: Her smile.

Are you going on a honeymoon: Absolutely, we’ll be heading off to the states in February, assuming we can swing it financially, we are looking to go to Seattle and the up over the border to Vancouver.

From the Bride: My darling groom doesn’t really need an introduction from me, but how sweet is he!

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