South Pacific Cruise Part 5.

Our last South Pacific port was Noumea, I was excited to go because I was supposed to have gone with my French class in high school but my teacher never got it together to organize it.  The city has a really interesting feel to it, there is a very distinct French feel to it (in my head I could hear the typical French movie music) but it is also super hot and humid and there are plenty of things to remind you that you are on a South Pacific island.


Unfortunately because of a change in our cruise schedule we ended up being in Noumea on a Sunday, which basically meant everything was shut and there wasn’t much to do. We decided to get on the chu chu train tour so we could at least see the city.



It’s a beautiful city, and by far the most ‘developed’ of the places we visited, although from what our guide told us, outside the city the rest of New Caledonia is very much like the rest of the South Pacific.


I would like to go back and have the chance to explore more of the city when it is open and there are more things to do,  but by all accounts its a very expensive place to live and visit.



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