Wedding Wednesday Part 2.

Get to know the Bridal Party

I thought it would be fun for you to get to know my bridesmaids and maid of honour. It was also fun for me to read their answers to the questions.

When Brian and I talked about our bridal party we settled on three attendants each (as well as our two flower girls). Honestly I probably could have gone to four or five quite easily, which was a surprise to me (I didn’t think I liked that many people), but we knew keeping it small suited our wedding style best. I also knew who my three would be without putting any thought into it at all, while there are a few ladies very dear to me who I would have loved to include, I couldn’t go past these ones!


Layla Sheahan – Bridesmaid

How long have you known the bride & how did you meet: since 04/08/99, the day I was born, and we met due to the fact she is my sister

What are you looking forward to the most at the wedding: being a bridesmaid, dancing and photos with my big sissy!

Do you have any advice for the bride: just remember your little sister always comes first, hehe

Do you have a memory to share: when my sister was doing her HSC, I would always be very helpful at the of 3 or 4 sitting on her lap, typing what I thought was important for her to get a band 6. She also used to love when had friends over and I would stand in front of the  TV so they couldn’t watch. And when her friends would stand up I would quickly sit in their spot, because my sister was my sister and no one else’s.

From the Bride: Layla is my baby sister, she may be about to turn 18, but she will always be my baby sister. I was an only child until I was 9 when I got two step brothers, who lived with us sometimes but I was still mostly an only child. I was desperate for a little sister, and finally just before I turned 14, I got one. And from the first second I held her, I have loved her fiercly. There was never any question, I knew I had to have my baby sister up there with me.


Vanessa Farnhill – Flower Girl (8 years old)

Who is Brian: My Dad.

Who is Dane: A great Chef.

Are you excited for the wedding: Yes.

What are you going to do at the wedding: Be a flower girl with Brontey.

What will be the best bit: Walking down the aisle with Brontey.

From the Bride: One of the great things about marrying someone who has a daughter is that we get a built in Flower Girl. We never really discussed it, I think we both just took it as a given. We knew we wanted her to be a part of the day, because us getting married is just as big for her as it is for us. Plus she’s cute!

More to come from the other ladies in my bridal party next week.

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