South Pacific Cruise Part 4.

Isle of Pines was my very favourite stop on our cruise. It is idyllic, it has the softest whitest sand I have ever seen, and I grew up on the mid north coast which has some of Australia’s best beaches. It is another tiny spec in the ocean and the one place from our cruise that I would definitely like to go back and visit again.


Isle of Pines was another tender boat day and we decided again not to do a tour (we were a bit toured out by this point and couldn’t face another cramped and sweaty van). We got to the island and decided to just walk around and explore for a bit. The weather was probably the best we had for the whole holiday as well, it was warm and sunny but there was a hint of a cool breeze (for about half an hour there was no sweating … which is basically a miracle).


Lots of people on the cruise had been saying the snorkeling was amazing around the island and we did take our gear over with us, but that side of the island was crowded (that’s what happens when 3,800 cruisers flood a tiny island) and to be honest we had a bit of holiday fatigue so we decided to swim on the other side, which was a protected cove with boats bobbing around it.



The water was so clear we could see the bottom even in deep water, and the sand was honestly like baby powder, I could have stayed in the water the whole day, but not everyone in my family loves the water as much as I do (fools).


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