South Pacific Cruise Part 3.

Our second stop in Vanuatu was Mystery Island, which is a tiny little island, literally the same size if not smaller than our cruise ship (that big mountain behind the cruise ship is not the island, that photo was taken from the island). This meant we had to get on the tender boats (ps, a tender boat is in fact a life boat) and be ferried from the ship to the island.




I actually enjoyed the smaller island days because they felt less rushed, we would get our tender over to the island with no plans and swim and enjoy our time without having to worry about where we were going or relying on a tour to get us back on time.


Mystery island was the first port that really felt like a tropical island. there were scuba diving and snorkeling tours available but because we had Vanessa with us we decided to just swim and snorkel close to the shore. Vanessa and I spent a couple of hours swimming up and down the beach with our snorkels on looking at all the tropical fish, sea cucumbers and starfish.




the photo below is the whole island as we sailed away. That night we also saw a beautiful fool moon from the sip, but my grainy iPhone photo doesn’t do it justice.



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