South Pacific Cruise Part 2.

IMG_1293After Suva we were on our way to Vanuatu, which was absolutely beautiful. Our first stop was Port Villa and again we had a fantastic tour guide and got to do a few really cool things.


We all piled in a very hot little van and headed to the Blue Lagoon, it was beautiful and we wasted no time jumping in for a swim. All of our toes had encounters with crabs but it was worth it.


After the Blue Lagoon we were supposed to go swimming with turtles, something I had been looking forward to for months before the cruise, but it was low tide so we weren’t able to swim with them, but we got to see them and touch them and have a lunch prepared by the locals.


Next we were headed to another waterfall, this time it was a lot less crowded and Brian, Vanessa and I all jumped in for a fresh water swim. The water was freezing but it was so refreshing and nice to taste fresh water after the super salty ocean water in Fiji.


After stopping for some duty free scotch for Brian and duty free m&m’s for Vanessa and I we headed back to walk through the markets at the dock. The photo belowis blurry because it was so humid my camera lens kept fogging up!



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