South Pacific Cruise Part 1.

In January we set off on our very first cruise. We (us + Brian’s parents and siblings) spent 14 days cruising around the South Pacific Islands.

Neither Brian or I had ever been on a cruise and while we were excited, we both had our concerns (Brian was worried about how he would survive two weeks without WiFi and I was worried about how that massive ship was going to stay afloat) but we survived and for the most part had a great time.





Despite it being the middle of summer in Australia we sailed out of Sydney on a cold and very wet day, but we took advantage of our drinks package and got cocktails to help improve our moods.


After three days at sea we were very excited to see the first hints of land. One thing I didn’t expect to affect me as much as it did was seeing the coast disappear as we sailed out of Sydney, I had a little mini freak out, but once we were out at sea the next day I was fine.





Fiji was our first port, we had our first day in Loutoka. We didn’t spend much time in the city itself, we got a tour and headed to a private beach at a resort about an hour away. The water was almost uncomfortably warm but the location was beautiful.


We got to watch the sun set through the storm clouds as we left Loutoka and headed for Suva.



Suva was, to be honest, the destination I was looking forward to least, from what I knew of the place is would just be a dirty city. But it ended up being one of my favourite ports, we had a fantastic tour guide and we got see lots of the city.




After touring the city we headed to a working village where we danced and ate with the locals, it was probably the hottest I had ever been, we all had sweat pouring off us, but we loved the experience.



original_url: android-assets-library://asset?file=file%3A%2F%2F%2Fstorage%2F9016-4EF8%2FDCIM%2FCamera%2F20170110_111123.jpg&time=1483999875000&id=1295


After leaving the village we headed to a waterfall for a swim, but it was too crowded and we were too hot and grumpy so we just walked down for a quick look. And yes, that is a massive rip in the back of Brian’s shorts, he said holiday Brian was too hot to care!


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